Lisp yet another DSL interpreter

Liyad is very small Lisp interpreter written in JavaScript.

Let's make your yet another DSL with Lisp S-expression!


Customizable operators

Liyad provides JavaScript APIs to customize all operators and macros.
You can easily and quickly build a new DSL you want to need.


Small footprint

Liyad's production build is only less than 100KB.


Run anywhere

Liyad is written in pure JavaScript that running on both server side (Node.js) and modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).

Download Try it out!


Alternative JSX notation using Lisp

More simple, more beautiful, and more powerful!


No transpiler needed

Liyad uses ES6 template literal syntax. You don't pass the entire code to transpile and evaluate it. Save your coding times.


Secure execution for untrusted contents

No host environment's symbols are accessible from evaluated user contents by default. Malicious codes can not make a serious attack.


Simple and powerful

What you can do with JSX can be done with LSX. Plus, LSX itself is a complete data description format and is a complete programming language, so you can write more concise and powerful.

Download Try it out!
We have bandled a reference implementation of LSX to Liyad.
Try it out and have fun!