A JavaScript library for reporting.

Static HTML | XML | SVG renderer using JSX,
suitable for building reports.

RedAgate is static HTML | XML | SVG renderer.
You can start easily because we are using JSX
and semantics similar to React.

Bundle Everything

Easily to bundle images, stylesheets, fonts, scripts and other resources
for piping to printing tasks or delivering outside the intranet.

RedAgate.renderAsHtml() API and component lifecycle defer() method return promise objects.
You can use standard Tag-Libs (e.g. Image, Style, Font, SingleFont, Script, Asset) to bundle them.

Standard Tag-Libs

Many standard Tag-Libs (e.g. If, Repeat, ForEach, Template, Html5, Svg, SVG shapes, Barcodes (QR Code, Code39, Code128, EAN/UPC, ITF, NW7/Codabar, postal barcode) and complex objects) are bundled.

SVG via Html5 Canvas API

RedAgate is declarative but procedural rendering of SVG is also available.
We provide the SvgCanvas context object that implements Canvas API in the sub tree of the Svg component.

Html5 Canvas API has high productivity for rendering complex SVG objects.
And Canvas API is Web standard. You learn once, you can use it at various times.

Run Anywhere

Running on both server side (Node.js) and modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).